8 things you should never do at the gym

4. Phones and speakers
One of the most annoying people in the gym are the people that have long and often loud phone conversations while they are working out. Other annoying types are people that play loud music, so loud that others can hear it through their earphones.

3. Putting pressure on other visitors
Using a machine for 60 minutes is not kind, but it is also not nice to stand in front of someone who is working out with crossed arms and a look that says: “hurry up”.

2. Being late
Don’t be late to class. It doesn’t matter if it is a fitness class or a personal training session. This can distract the instructor and the other classmates. And if you are late, make sure you disrupt the class as little as possible.

1. The dressing room is not your personal bathroom
There is always one person that walks around naked and makes other people feel uncomfortable, and there are people who spend hours in the shower shaving and leave behind foam and hair.

Respect each other’s privacy and time. Keep in mind that the dressing room is not your bathroom and clean up after yourself. We would love to hear what you think…