Adorable Rare Baby Animals You’ve Never Seen Before

2. Baby Sifaka

The sifaka is a type of lemur, a group of primates found only in Madagascar. It’s named after the alarm cry it makes when it sees an enemy (shee-fa’-ka). There are three species, or types, of sifakas and some of those are divided into multiple subspecies. Coquerel’s sifaka (the kind we have at the Saint Louis Zoo) is a subspecies of Verreaux’s sifaka.

Coquerel’s sifakas have a mostly white coat, with maroon patches on the chest and the front of the thighs and arms. The face is black and furless, except for a patch of white hair on the muzzle. With their powerful hind legs, sifakas can propel themselves more than 30 feet in a single jump! Continue on the next page for the quietest baby rhino.