12 brilliant reasons why you should NOT throw away a banana peel!

Useful features of a banana peel

Makes your teeth shining white
Rub the inside of the peel regularly over your teeth and you will soon notice the difference.

Face mask
The presence of enzymes in the banana peel ensures a healthy and clear skin. Wash your face with a PH neutral soap, then lay the peel over your entire face and let it to dry. Then rinse the face thoroughly with water.

Reduces irritation and itching
Have you been bitten by an ant or a mosquito? Bring the inside of the banana peel onto the red bump. This will ease the itching and irritation. This also helps very well with irritation from nettles.

Remove warts in a natural way
Place the inside of the peel on the wart and cover it firmly. Change his natural bandage several times during a number of days and after approximately a week the wart will have disappeared.

Remove splinters
The method is the same as described above to treat warts. The peel contains enzymes that act as a natural means to remove foreign substances in a very efficient way.

Reduces acne
Rub the face with the inside of the skin in the evening and let it work overnight. Wash the face with PH neutral soap in the morning. Apply this natural face mask once a week.

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