8 smart ways to get rid of fruit flies in and outside of the house

Did you buy delicious strawberries to enjoy, and put them in the fruit bowl to eat at breakfast in the morning but then the next morning there are these terrible fruit flies on them. I find this very annoying, do you too? I found 8 smart ways to get rid of those awful little bugs.

1. Unfiltered apple cider vinegar
Fruit flies can’t resist vinegar! Take the cap off the bottle, cover the opening with plastic and tie it down with an elastic. The bottle doesn’t need to be all the way full, a little bit of apple cider vinegar can get you a long way. Poke a small hole in the opening so the fruit flies can crawl through it, and once in the bottle they won’t be able to come out. It is not the prettiest solution, but it is very effective.

2. Vinegar and dish detergent
If the first solution doesn’t completely work, try the following: Add 3 drops of dish detergent and the fruit flies will definitely not survive. Detergent dissolves the surface tension of the vinegar and makes sure the flies drown.

3. Paper and a piece of fruit
Put a little bit of vinegar and an overripe piece of fruit in a jar, roll the paper into a cone shape and put the thin part into to jar. The fruit flies will be lured in and won’t be able to fly away.

4. Red wine
Just like vinegar, fruit flies are not able to resist the smell of red wine. So leave your bottle of red wine, with still a little bit of wine in it, out and you will get rid of your fruit flies issue.

5. Milk, sugar and pepper
Mix a glass of milk with 4 ounces of fine sugar and 2 ounces of pepper in a pan and let it simmer for 10 minutes then pour it into a shallow bowl. The fruit flies will be attracted by the smell and they will drown.

6. Fruit flies strips
Just like flypaper there are strips for fruit flies. Hang these scentless strips at a spot where there are the most fruit flies. Bonus: mosquitos will also be attracted to the strips.

7. Plastic bottle
This tip is convenient for outside! Cut off the top part of the plastic bottle, pour a little vinegar or wine into the bottom part of the bottle, then but the top part of the bottle upside down in the bottom part of the bottle. This way the fruit flies won’t be able to get out. This is also a good tip for wasps or mosquitos, but then you would use soda instead.

8. Basil
Fruit flies hate the scent of basil, so they stay far away from it. If you do not have this herb in your garden or kitchen: run to the store and get some. Bonus, basil is a great flavoring for the Italian kitchen.