8 things you should never do at the gym

If you’ve ever been in the gym, you’ve probably run into those types that don’t stick to those unwritten rules of the gym. In order to prevent this as much as possible in the future, we noted 8 rules you should follow so the gym experience will be as great as possible for both you and your fellow visitors.

8. Don’t leave any sweat behind on the machines
Even though there is nothing wrong with sweating while you work-out, it is important to bring a towel with you and wipe your sweat off the machine after using it.

7. Don’t occupy the machine, unless you are using it
There are people that just lounge around on the machines. They text or check their email, take selfies, and even nap while others are waiting to use the machine.

6. Leaving weights everywhere
Just like you learned in your childhood to pick up after your toys, you also have to apply this at the gym. Put the weights back where they belong. If you leave them out on the floor someone could trip over them or get hurt.

5. Machines are for everyone
Remember learning to share the play blocks in kindergarten? This also applies to the gym. Don’t stay on the treadmill for 2 hours if you are noticing that others are also trying to use it.

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