9 Ways To Use Coconut Oil Besides Cooking With It

Weight loss
Coconut oil does contain calories but eating a little coconut oil can help improve your weight loss. It can speed up your metabolism, give you more energy to work-out and lessen your desire for food.

Polishing furniture
Did you know that many polishing products contain carcinogens like phenol and nitro benzene. Switch to coconut oil and notice how your furniture will look brand new and stay good longer.

Maintaining cast iron
When you polish cast iron cooking supplies, you should rub some oil on it. Many use different kinds of oils, but coconut oil works great. It is better for you, non-stick and has a high burning speed.

Grab some coconut oil, add some baking soda and a drop of peppermint oil and your done! You just made your own natural toothpaste.

Repelling insects
With a couple other ingredients, including certain essential oils, coconut oil is a great natural way to repel insects. It wont last all day, so keep applying it when needed.

Shaving cream
Coconut oil is a great replacement for store-bought shaving cream. Smear it on your skin and get a smooth shaving result. It smells delicious, and it will make your skin feel soft and smooth.