A Month Before a Heart Attack Your Body Starts Warning You

Smoking, high blood pressure, obesity and long-term stress are some of the factors that can increase the risk of heart attacks. Healthy living and taking care of yourself can, in turn, lower the risks of a heart attack. The symptoms don’t just limit themselves to the heart but can spread all over the body. Many of the symptoms are overlooked and get related to other causes. However, in many cases it is actually the heart. Early diagnoses gives you a better chance to a successful recovery.

But if you do suffer a heart attack, your body will start showing warning signs a month ahead of time. When you get these warning signs and you are aware of what they are, you could get help in time in order to prevent it from getting worse. Therefore, it is important to be able to recognize these signs. You could be able to save lives! Find out on the next page what the 6 signs are so you can recognize these signs on time.