10 things you probably did not know about your bloodtype

At birth your blood type is already decided, no one can change it. There are different blood types, namely: A, B, AB and O. It is said that people that share a specific blood type show certain similarities to one another.

Blood type and descendants
Nearly 85% of people are Rh positive. Yet, if a woman is Rh negative and the man she is with is Rh positive, there is an increased risk that their child will develop some health ailments.

Blood type and diseases
Each blood type is susceptible to certain diseases. Find out for yourself what diseases are the most common within your own blood type, and try to prevent it or reduce the risk.

Blood type and nutrition
It may be important to know what your own blood type is if you want to follow a particular diet. There are some studies which show certain foods that are better for you to eat and certain foods you are better of avoiding.

For example, people who have blood type O are able to eat more protein in the form of meat and fish. While people with blood group AB are able to eat more lean meat and seafood.

Blood antigens
Antigens may be present in the blood, the digestive tract, the nostrils, the lungs, in the mouth, and finally in the large intestine.

Blood type and stress
It has been found that people with blood type O need more time to relax after a stressful activity.

Blood type and weight problems
Your blood type may very well determine whether you have more belly fat or less belly fat. It is a fact that blood type O has a higher susceptibility of getting abdominal fat, while blood type A almost never has problems with weight.

Blood type and pregnancy
Good news for women who have blood type AB, because she gives birth easier than other blood types.

Blood type and blood transfusions
If you ever need a one-time blood transfusion it is very important to remember that people with blood type O and Rh negative are universal donors. While, people with blood group AB can receive any blood type. This information can be extremely useful in an emergency!