Don’t like Cleaning Gas Burners? With This Simple Trick, It’ll Be Done in the Blink of an Eye

Step 2: clean aluminum gas burners

You can soak the aluminum rings of the gas burners in a bath of boiling water and detergent. Never clean aluminium using soda, otherwise they may discolor! The rings are easy to clean using a metal pan sponge after letting them soak for half an hour.

Step 3: Clean burner covers

The burner covers (made of brass or aluminium) are best cleaned using an all-purpose cleaner and rinsing it with water immediately after cooking. Make sure to do this only after they have cooled down. Intensive cleaning is the same as with the gas burners. Let the burner covers soak in soapy water and remove the dirt using a pan sponge or scourer. Finally, the gas burners are clean! Let’s clean the rest of the gas stove.