Cleaning Uses for Lemons You Haven’t Thought Of

By now we know for sure that you all know that we love to clean with baking soda – and the same goes for vinegar, detergent and alcohol – in fact, we have written an article about each of these cleaning products. It is therefore high time that we introduced you to another cleaning product, namely the lemon. It smells fresh, clean and gives energy, they are quite cheap and also easy to get hold of; we know that sometimes it is very difficult to get white vinegar in some countries, but lemons? We don’t think that should be a problem. Lemons contain acid in the juice and oil in the peel that powers through grease. This makes lemons an excellent cleaning product.

This beautiful, acidic, multifunctional yellow fruit can be used to clean countless things in and around the house. In addition, it has numerous uses other than cleaning. On the following pages we’ve collected 9 great lemon cleaning methods for you that you shouldn’t ignore.