Cleaning Uses for Lemons You Haven’t Thought Of

3. Grater
A grater is an excellent choice for grating vegetables and cheese but very difficult to clean. Pieces of vegetables and cheese get stuck everywhere – sometimes even after being washed in the dishwasher. For an easy way to clean your grater, cut a lemon in half and ‘grate’ the fleshy side of the lemon on both sides of your grater. The lemon oil and juice help to break down the food residues, the milk fat and the proteins. After you have rinsed the grater you will notice that the lemon has done an excellent job. By using this method, you also prevent your kitchen sponges from wearing down.

4. Wooden chopping board
This trick is so good that we had to share it with you. All you need is a little salt and you guessed it, a lemon. Sprinkle the salt over the entire surface of the chopping board and use half a lemon – with the juicy side down. Scrub as thoroughly as possible and you will notice that food stains will begin to disappear. At the same time, your chopping board is also stripped of those dirty smells. Consider rounding this off with a dash of mineral oil to protect your chopping board.