Eat These Foods To Keep Your Heart Healthy


It is useful to know that kale is one of the types of cabbage that is very healthy for your heart. This leafy vegetable is bursting with nutrients that help you keep your heart and blood vessels healthy and can even stop a number of heart diseases. Depending on where you live, kale may be hard to find, but it is definitely worth it if it means you can enjoy the health benefits! Kale is low in fat and calories, but it is nevertheless rich in antioxidants, fibres and omega-3 fatty acids. As you can see, there are many reasons why this vegetable has recently become so popular again.


In pop culture, garlic is mostly known for its vampire-repelling properties. Yet, few people know that garlic also has properties that are good for the health of your heart. It is easy to use in recipes and contains nutrients that help lower your blood pressure as well as reduce the levels of enzymes that reduce blood flow, and it prevents the build-up of plaque in the vascular walls. Research has even shown that garlic can reduce the layer of plaque by half! If you do not enjoy the taste of garlic, you can also take it in pill form. On the next page, you will find more things you should eat daily.