Eat These Foods To Keep Your Heart Healthy


Do you not care much for sardines? Time to change that! Research has shown that this fish contains an enormous amount of nutrients that are good for your heart. Sardines are especially rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This type of fat helps lower the level of triglycerides in the body and increases the level of HDL, the ‘good’ cholesterol. This will contribute to a healthier heart. Sardines also reduce inflammatory reactions and keep heart disease at bay.


Chocoholics, we have got good news for you! There is no more reason to feel guilty about your happy fix. Chocolate contributes to the prevention of heart disease and stroke. Research from Harvard shows that people who regularly consume raw cocoa generally do not suffer from high blood pressure. Dark chocolate, in particular, contains a lot of flavonoid, an antioxidant, and therefore contributes to improving the suppleness of blood vessels, lowering blood pressure and preventing all kinds of heart problems.