Firefighters Warn About This Danger At Home. Do You Recognize It?

At an early age, we have learned what causes a fire and how we can prevent it. As you get older, you will have to pay more attention to this when you own a house or apartment. Fire prevention is one of the main focuses of firefighters around the world.

The fire prevention tips in this article have been directly provided by the fire department and emphatically ask your attention to fire danger in order to increase your awareness.

1. Tumble dryer

Make a habit of cleaning your tumble dryer’s lint trap after every drying cycle. Otherwise, you might get confronted with a dangerous surprise. When the dryer is getting hot and there is a lot of dust on the lint trap and ventilation, the dryer may get so hot that a spark may arise, which could lead to a dangerous fire.

Every year, 2,900 fires are caused by tumble dryers that cause an estimated 5 deaths, 100 injuries and $35 million due to damage. During the autumn and winter months, more frequent fires caused by tumble dryers occur, especially in January. It is important to clean the lint trap after every drying cycle and to remove all dust at the back of the washing machine.

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