Glandular fever? These are the 10 most important symptoms you MUST know

6. Painful muscles
People who have the kissing disease often complain about sore muscles. This is partly due to the other symptoms such as fever, weariness and lack of food and fluid, your muscles can feel painful.

7. Rash
Glandular fever is often diagnosed incorrectly, people often think of throat inflammation or other infections of the throat and mouth. Doctors do therefore often prescribe amoxicillin or other antibiotics wrongly to patients. If this happens, the person with glandular fever will get rash on the face or body. The rash will look like measles and can be very itchy.

8. Headache
Someone who suffers from glandular fever will notice that he experiences a recurrent headache. This continues until the virus is gone. What is important is that you go to the doctor if you get a skin rash besides headaches.

9. Red spots in your mouth
Another symptom of glandular fever is having red spots, which look like bruises, in your mouth. These spots can be painful and can make eating difficult. Your doctor may recommend ibuprofen to relieve the pain during your recovery.

10. Sore, painful stomach
This is a symptom that almost never occurs, painful or sore upper abdomen due to a swollen spleen. The glandular fever can cause a swollen spleen and this causes the pain. This can happen at the beginning of the disease, but also during this illness. Another sign is a ruptured spleen, development of jaundice. You can notice this when someone gets a yellowish complexion in the face, eyes and the body.