How to make your home feel like a luxury hotel

The experience of staying in a hotel room is something most travelers don’t forget. There is something about the way hotel rooms are perfectly decorated that makes the experience incredibly comfortable. The beds in hotel rooms are often downier than any bed in our bedrooms, and the pillows are something you can really sink into.

Any experience associated with staying in a hotel, like taking a bath, sleeping, relaxing in the living or sitting room, or simply using the various amenities like the closets and switches, are designed in tandem in hotels to give you the perfect experience.

Travelers staying in luxury hotels often experience disappointment when they return home. Immediately getting back into the disorganised, messy house after staying in the perfectly curated amenities of a hotel can be quite a let down. Fortunately, there are ways to turn the living experience in your own home into the one you’d experience in a hotel. Here are a few ways you can make your home feel like a luxury hotel.

Make sure your bedroom is perfect
The most important element for creating a hotel-like environment is making sure you have a first-class bedroom. The bed should be a king or queen size with a soft mattress. Replace the usual standard blankets for a comfortable duvet, and it is always nice to have extra pillows. It’s important to have good quality pillows that aren’t too soft or too hard.

Simulate the spa experience in your bathroom. This means customising your bathroom in the best possible way with essential oils, lotions and other types of cosmetics and bath accessories. Your toiletries should be properly organised, preferably in cabinets under the sink. A fairly large bath is a must if you want your home to feel like a luxury hotel. You can also choose a collection of scented candles that will help you create the right atmosphere for ultimate relaxation.

It’s all about the atmosphere
Luxury is also a state of mind, so you have to make sure that the overall atmosphere of the house feels like you’re on holiday. If you want that little something extra, lighting candles and playing soothing music could also be the right solution for you.

Pay attention to your home’s entrance
One of the first things you notice when you enter a hotel is the glamorous lobby. It’s usually decorated with flowers, orchids, or paintings. It also often features a wide array of showpieces and furniture. The same principle applies to your home. You should concentrate on decorating the entrance to your house and placing your favourite showpieces and paintings.

We hope we’ve given you some insights on how to make your home feel like a luxury hotel. With careful planning and attention to detail, it’s not hard to create the same environment and atmosphere that you’d find in most luxury hotels in the world.