I’m going travelling and I’m taking: matching luggage

Are you an adventurous world traveller with a big backpack on your back, or a culture freak who only needs a small suitcase? Do you prefer to sunbathe in 40-degree weather and take only a bikini with you, or is skiing more your thing, so you’ll need a lot of clothes to avoid the cold?

It’s very clear: for every trip you take you need different things. And for one trip you’ll need a small backpack, and for the other a big wheeled suitcase. Whatever you choose, thanks to the tips and tricks in this article, you’ll always head off on your journey with the right travel bag.

Are you a true adventurer? Is it impossible to tame your curiosity and would you prefer to go somewhere different every day? Then grab a handy backpack. When you buy a backpack, there are some important things to look out for. For example, we recommended you choose a high-quality brand. Although these backpacks may be a little more expensive to buy, you’ll soon notice the difference in quality.

For example, the fit will often be more comfortable and they’ll last longer than cheaper ones. You should also think carefully about the size of your bag. You can go a long way with a 60 to 80-litre backpack, especially if you’ve got a small build.

By car or bus
Do you prefer to travel by car, caravan, public transport or are you open to new experiences on the bus? Then we recommend you buy a soft travel bag. That will make it a lot easier to fit everything in the trunk or in the space provided. If you don’t have to pack too much, a large sports bag can be a perfect a travel bag.

If you’re taking a bit more with you, a soft travel bag on wheels, such as the Eastpack Tranverz, can be quite convenient. When choosing a bag, make sure that it has enough compartments so you always know where everything is.

Luggage space in the aircraft
If you like taking plane journeys to far-flung places, pick a handy wheeled suitcase. If you’re going on a city trip, try to limit yourself to hand luggage. That way you not only save a significant amount of money, but you also avoid endless queues checking in and claiming of your luggage. However, it is important to check in advance how large your hand baggage can be, because it varies from one travel provider to another.

If you do choose a large suitcase, it’s best to go for a hard case to protect your luggage. We also recommend choosing a bright colour or recognisable strap, so you minimise the chance that your bag will be picked up by mistake on the baggage belt.