This Is What The Length Of Your Pinky Finger Says About Your Personality

There are so many fun ways to find out more about your personality. The color of your eyes, the lines in your palm or under your wrist, your sleeping position and also the length of your pinky.

The length of your pinky differs per person, just like a fingerprint. These results aren’t scientifically tested, like your testosterone levels. But metaphysics worldwide use this to find out more, just like reading lines in a palm.

Type A // On the line

If your pinky is exactly aligned with the top line on your ring finger, it means the following;
– You keep your feelings to yourself and you are not very open toward strangers. But when you find someone you can trust you enter into the most deep and emotional connection.
– You can come off a little arrogant, but that’s not what you are really like.
– You don’t like lying, cheating or unfairness, because that is the total opposite of who you are.
– You are hard on yourself, you always strive to be better and give more.
– You can be eccentric.
– You have a very big heart and you always want to help others.

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