Never eat too much with this simple trick

We do not find ourselves in the same situation as America, but yet we are gradually being served larger portions without realizing it. And therefore we eat more by accident. Eating the right amount of food is hard to figure out. Weighing food feels strict and more like a punishment. But weighing food can be quick and easy, Thankfully, you wont be overeating any longer after reading these tips.

5 meals a day
When you look at your hand you see 5 fingers including your thumb. Your thumb represents breakfast, your index finger represents a morning snack, you middle finger represents lunch, your ring finger for an afternoon snack and your pinky represents dinner.

The amount of food can be adapted to the size of your finger, it is better to have a good breakfast and have a light dinner. Try not to skip any meals, seeing as every meal is an important meal that provides your body with energy.

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