Never eat too much with this simple trick

Pasta, rice and semolina, a fistful is enough to consume as a meal. Same goes for a portion of fries.

Palm size
Meat, fish or tofu, a palm size amount is enough to fill your meal.

Two fingers cheese
When we have cheese on the menu we can eat excessive amounts, which is not necessary. Two fingers of cheese is enough to satisfy your calcium intake.

Two handfuls of fruit and vegetables
An easy way to figure out the right amount of fruit is by measuring it with your two hands. A handful of fruit and vegetables a day is plenty.

A thumb is plenty of sweets
Whether you put jam on your bread, honey in your yoghurt or have a piece of chocolate, a thumb size is enough.

Now you know how you can figure out the right amount of food is right for you. These measurements do not apply to children because they have a higher need for meat and vegetables. And don’t forget that when it comes to food quality is better than quantity.