7 streches in 7 minutes that will relieve or even cure your lower back pain

Over 70% of the Dutch population suffer from back problems, of which the majority is suffering more specifically from lower back pains. The most common cause for this is a wrong sitting posture. Because of this, certain muscles get strained excessively while others do not get strained at all. This causes your spine to get out of balance and your back can suffer from it.

Because there is such a large percentage of people suffering from lower back pains we found a number of exercises for you. You are able to do these seven exercises in seven minutes, ensuring that the pain gets relieved or disappears completely. Read on to see what you would have to do to achieve this. However, before you do anything, always consult with a specialist!

1. Hamstring stretch
Hold each leg steady in this manner for 30 seconds each time. Repeat twice.

2. Knee to chest stretch
Hold each leg in this manner for 20 seconds each time. Repeat twice.

3. Spine stretch
If you suffer from sciatica this is a good exercise for you to do. Do this for 20 seconds per leg. You should do this more often but do not overdo it.

4. Butt stretch
Do this exercise with both legs, 30 seconds per leg.

5. Hip stretch
Do this exercise 30 seconds at a time, then switch legs.

6. Thigh stretch
Exercise both legs for 30 seconds each.

7. Full back stretch
Hold this position for 30 seconds. Then, the seven minutes are done.