This couple makes life in a shed very luxurious!

Not many people come up with the idea to turn a shed into a luxury home. But this couple has proven that a shed can be a fine home. In fact, the shed is now more luxurious than most houses that you see passing by sometimes.

This couple has turned an 850 square meter shed into their dream house with five bedrooms and two bathrooms. The neighbours complained about the many tourists that were attracted by this shed/house so the owners were done with it quickly. Hopefully the next inhabitants of this shed will not suffer from the neighbours. But due to the fact that the shed is for sale, we can take a look in this luxurious home!

This spacious house can easily accommodate 15 guests! The skylights and the use of light colours make every room feel airy and open. The exterior of the house has all the original shed charms, but because of the white paint it looks fresh and modern.

Which guest would not want to stay in a room that looks so inviting? Just look at all the natural light exposure inside. It is marvellous!

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