This way, you can easily remove and prevent limescale

You only need one ingredient to make your kitchen looks spic and span again: vinegar. We recommend using an old dish towel, t-shirt or sponge if you are about to try, because vinegar may damage the fabric for good. Okay, let’s get started.


1: pour vinegar into a bowl. Dip your dish towel into the bowl to make sure it is completely covered in vinegar
2: wrap the dish towel around your tap (or any other spot with hard water stains). Wait for an hour for it to be soaked in
3: remove the dish towel and use an old sponge to remove all lime
4: repeat if necessary

Make sure the tap is completely dry before attaching the dish towel. If you feel like you need to use more vinegar, you can always add more vinegar to the dish towel.