Ways to Use Dish Soap Other Than on Your Dirty Dishes



Oil-based stains on fabric are among the most difficult to remove. For this tricky job, detergent is one of the best stain removers available. Carefully rub some detergent on the grease stain before washing the item at the highest temperature suitable for the material. Detergent is particularly effective for the oil found in food, such as salad dressing, and is mild enough to be used on finer fabrics such as silk and wool. Don’t you have a special detergent for these fabrics at hand? Wash these items of silk and wool by hand in a solution of 3.5 litres of water and a tablespoon of detergent. Place the garment in this solution and immerse it completely so that it becomes completely wet. Then use your hands to gently move and clean the item. Do this for about a minute. Then rinse with clean, cold water.