Your month of birth determines which disease you will get. One month in particular is very unfortunate

Even though it sounds very suspicious, there are several studies that focus on the connection between the month of birth of a person and the influence it has on one’s health. Find out below what your month of birth says about your health:


People born in the first month of the year suffer, more than average, from high blood pressure, lung cancer and heart disease. Furthermore, type 2 diabetes and obesity occurs twice as much. Different studies show that people born in January and December have a higher chance of suffering from depression and schizophrenia. But overall this group has a high life expectancy.


People born in February often suffer frim a weak immune system. This can lead, for example, to a pollen allergy. In addition, lung and prostate cancer and calcium build-up occurs more often in this group. The positive is that people born in February are rarely bit by insects and generally don’t suffer from breathing sickness.


Are you born in March? Then you often suffer from chest pain. Furthermore, obesity and anorexia occurs more with women in this group. The body part that people born in March experience most issues with, is the heart. They often suffer from ventricular fibrillation, heart valve disorders and heart failure. Just like people born in January and February, men and women in this group often suffer from pollen allergy.

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