Your month of birth determines which disease you will get. One month in particular is very unfortunate


Cancer often occurs to people born in April. Heart- lung- and breathing diseases also occur more than average. Sore throat also happens regularly, however bronchitis is happens a lot less. Far into the adult years, this group has a pessimistic perception of the world. This is why alcohol issues can come to play.


First of all, the good news is that people born in May and July aren’t ill often. The risk of cancer is significantly lower. The chances of suffering from multiple sclerosis however is higher and people in this group often suffer more from high blood pressure and gluten intolerance. People born in May, suffer from depression at a higher age. The suicide percentage is 17 percent higher than people born in fall or winter.


Celebrating your birthday in June? Then stress causes a decrease in appetite. The risk of suffering from anorexia for this group is 30% above the average and the risk of getting age-related diabetes and cardiovascular disease is extremely high. People born in June rarely suffer from cancer or heart attacks. They are also very optimistic and have a happy outlook on life.

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