Your month of birth determines which disease you will get. One month in particular is very unfortunate


Depression isn’t a problem for people born in July. They are almost always in a good mood. Their digestive system as well as teeth and bones, however, don’t do as well. Furthermore, type 1 diabetes occurs more than average. It is also a noticeable fact that these people have less children than others. On the other hand, people born in July have a smaller chance of strokes and cancer occurs hardly ever.


House dust mites make the lives of people born in August a pain. In addition, mucosal inflammation is fairly common. However, these people have a very healthy heart which makes them less prone to strokes and heart attacks. Cancer and asthma don’t play a role in the lives of people in this group.


This group often has to deal with neurodermatitis in childhood. However, this disappears over time. Furthermore, people born in September are less likely to suffer from diabetes, heart disease or throat infections. On the other hand, they are more likely to suffer from stomach-related problems, bacterial respiratory infections and house dust mite allergies.
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